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Teddy Fleece Duvet Sets
Fleece bedding sets are the perfect choice for anyone who loves to snuggle up in a cosy and warm bed. Fleece is a soft and fluffy fabric that is made from synthetic fibres. It is lightweight, breathable, and durable. Fleece bedding sets come in various colors, patterns, and sizes to suit your preferences and needs. One of the most popular types of fleece bedding sets is the teddy fleece duvet set. This is a set that includes a teddy fleece duvet cover and matching pillowcases. Teddy fleece is a type of fleece that has a textured surface that resembles the fur of a teddy bear. It is extra soft, plush, and cuddly. Teddy fleece duvet cover sets are ideal for adding comfort and style to your bedroom. They are also hypoallergenic, easy to wash, and resistant to wrinkles and pilling.

How do I wash my fleece bedding set?
You can wash your fleece bedding set in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener as they can damage the fibres. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry. Do not iron or dry clean.
What are the benefits of fleece bedding sets?
Fleece bedding sets have many benefits, such as:

• They are soft and comfortable to sleep in.

• They are warm and cosy, especially in cold weather.

• They are lightweight and breathable, so they do not trap heat or moisture.

• They are durable and long-lasting, as they do not fade or shrink easily.

• They are hypoallergenic, as they do not attract dust mites or allergens.

• They are easy to care for, as they do not wrinkle or pill easily.

How do I choose the right size of fleece bedding set for my bed?
You can choose the right size of fleece bedding set for your bed by measuring the dimensions of your mattress and comparing them with the size chart of the product. Generally, fleece bedding sets come in four sizes: single, double, king, and super king. The dimensions may vary slightly depending on the brand and style, so always check the product description before buying. Here is a general guide for the UK sizes:

Single: 135 x 200 cm (53 x 79 inches)

Double: 200 x 200 cm (79 x 79 inches)

King: 230 x 220 cm (91 x 87 inches)

Super King: 260 x 220 cm (102 x 87 inches)

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