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White Duck Feather & Down Pillow, 100% Microfibre Cover, Filling 85% Feather 15% Down, Neck Pain Relief, Washable, Double Stitched Piping, Feathers 2-4cm

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PREMIUM FEATHER COMFORT: Experience the epitome of comfort with our White Duck Feather & Down Pillow Pack of 2. Sized at 48x74cm (19×29), this pair of pillows is crafted to provide you with luxurious sleep comfort. The 100% Microfibre Cover adds a layer of softness, while the filling of 85% Feather and 15% Down ensures an unparalleled sleep experience.

TAILOR-MADE SUPPORT: No matter how you sleep, these pillows are designed to provide optimal support. The feather-filling moulds accordingly, offer gentle support to cushion your head and neck. Ideal for both back and side sleepers, these pillows ensure a pain-free morning by alleviating neck pain and stiffness.

NECK PAIN RELIEF: Bid farewell to neck pain and stiffness as you embrace the superior quality of our Feather-Filled Pillows. The premium filling offers the support needed for a restful night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and free from discomfort. Say hello to mornings without the lingering effects of a stiff neck and back pain.

ELEGANT MICROFIBRE COVER: The 100% Microfibre Cover not only enhances the elegance of these pillows but also adds an extra layer of comfort. Sink your head into the enveloping luxury of these premium pillows, and you’ll find it difficult to leave your bed. Enjoy a sleep experience that rivals the comfort of a luxury hotel.

WASHABLE AND DURABLE: Designed for convenience, these pillows are washable, ensuring easy maintenance. The 900g per pillow, along with the 85% duck feather and 15% duck down filling, adds to the durability and longevity of these pillows. The double stitching with self-piping enhances their resilience, providing enduring comfort.

FEATHER QUALITY: Each pillow is filled with feathers ranging from 2 to 4cm, delivering a plush and supportive feel. The double stitching and self-piping not only contribute to the durability but also add a touch of sophistication to these premium pillows. Elevate your sleep quality with the perfect blend of luxury, support, and lasting freshness.


Indulge in luxury with our White Duck Feather & Down Pillow Pack of 2. The 100% Microfibre Cover, filled with 85% feather and 15% down, ensures extra comfort. Sized at 48x74cm, these pillows provide superior support, alleviating neck pain and stiffness for a pain-free morning. Specially designed for back and side sleepers, they mould to your sleeping position. The 100% microfibre cover, weighing 900g per pillow, features double stitching with self-piping, ensuring durability and exquisite craftsmanship. Transform your sleep experience with these premium feather-filled pillows that cocoon you in luxurious softness.

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